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Best Gold Prespecting blog – from Recovery to Brokers Videos

Gold has been mined by humans for around 7000 years.
Some of the oldest known gold artifacts were found around 4500 BC.
Extracting gold would have been relatively easy in these early times.
Some gold bearing veins would be readily accessible until all the easy pickings were gone.
Early people still put quite an effort into recovering gold as it was immediately valuable for trading and ornaments.
The wealth of a country was dependent on its gold reserves.
As time went on gold recovery methods evolved.


Using water to sluice loose gold bearing materials down and over a recovery system was a popular method.

The water and pay dirt is channeled over a set of baffles or riffles called a sluice box, where the denser and heavier gold precipitates to the bottom.

sluice_box _1900s

Dredging could also be used to suck gold rich deposits from the bottom of streams and riverbeds. It not so popular today because of environmental issues such as the amount of silt stirred.
Today there are huge opencast mines where millions of tons of material is scooped up and put through an extraction process.
This leaves gigantic holes in the landscape, but is cheaper and safer than underground mining.
Underground mining is used when rich seams are deeper down, but is inherently more expensive and dangerous.
Panning to retrieve fine particles of gold is useful for the small operator in alluvial situations, or to get the last small particles from a sluice box.
A gold pan is also useful for small scale sampling of an area to discern any worthwhile spots.
The value of gold is higher than ever as it has become increasing rare. With all easy deposits exhausted and the cost of further recovery high, the price is now very high.
Gold has long been considered a good investment, and now appears a more secure investment than other commodities.

When disasters strike paper money can lose its value, gold appreciates.

As an economic strategy, and part of a your families survival plan for potential disasters, buying gold is the answer.
Find an excellent gold broker to give you advice.

Hedging investments to include gold is a good decision.
Look for a better gold broker, the better the broker, the better the advice.
Also if you have a retirement account find how make some changes to your IRA to gold backed. This is a great way to spread your assets.

Converting IRA into gold means you are not vulnerable to a crash of the US dollar, or the stock market.


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